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The Evil Within concept art reveals new female character

The Evil Within concept art female character

Bethesda has released new concept art for Tango Gameworks' The Evil Within, showing an unnamed female character in the back of a car. Unfortunately the art and corresponding tweet don't reveal too much.

"Sitting in the back of the car, she's thinking," read the tweet that went alongside the image.

To date, all we've seen is the main male protagonist -- in both screenshots and our preview of the game. So who is it? Will she be a playable character? Judging by what lead producer Masato Kimura told us back in May, I think we can rule out the latter.

"One thing we're trying to achieve is the player character Sebastian and the player himself, we want to synchronize the emotions of those two. So what Sebastian is feeling, we want the player to feel, too. So yeah, we want to make the player character and the player stand close, emotionally," he told us in an interview. With such a focus on Sebastian, I doubt this character will be playable, but she could still play an integral part of the game's plot.

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