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The Elder Scrolls V...Minecraft? Notch Adding Dragons


Notch, this is why we love you.  Earlier this week, Markus "Notch" Persson announced that he was "working on something epic." Rumors immediately circulated around the Minecraft community.  Could it be "Goo Portals", Invisibility?

Well, today, Notch revealed just what that "epic" something was...ready for this?

Yes, that's a dragon in 8-bit graphics.  A Minecraft. 

Now dragons have been in the plans for Minecraft, even before Skyrim was announced, but I think the timing of this reveal is a little more than coincidence.

By adding dragons to Minecraft, Notch is taking the fight to the next level.  In a clear shot at Zenimax for their case against Mojang for the "Scrolls" trademark infringement", Notch is adding dragons, the very premise of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Lucky for Notch, I don't think anyone owns a trademark over dragons, so he should be in the clear.  In this day and age, I wouldn't be surprised if a cease and desist popped up suddenly.

So let's recap as to how we got to this point.  Zenimax takes Mojang to court of the "Scrolls" name.  Notch publicly declares that the case is stupid (everyone refers to The Elder Scrolls V as Skyrim anyways).  Still, Zenimax continues to sue.  In an attempt to make light of the situation, and continue to piss off Bethesda and Zenimax, Notch adds dragons to Minecraft.  Clearly, fans have no reason to by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim anymore.  They can get their entire dragon fix in Minecraft now.

Maybe Notch can work together with Bethesda on the next game...The Elder Scrolls VI: Minecraft.  Now there's an idea I can get behind.

Well played, Notch.  Well played.

Be sure to check back as Notch said he will be revealing more screenshots on his dragon progress.


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