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The Elder Scrolls Online will not support cross-platform play

The Elder Scrolls Online

Although The Elder Scrolls Online will be available on consoles and PC, the highly anticipated MMORPG will not support cross-platform play.

"Players will be in their own separate environments. PC players will play with PC players; Xbox will play with Xbox players; and PlayStation with PlayStation," lead PvP designer Brian Wheeler told GameZone.

ZeniMax Online later confirmed via Twitter that "The Elder Scrolls Online's megaserver technology will allow PC and Mac players to play together." But like Wheeler told us, Xbox One and PS4 players will each have distinct megaservers. Despite the segregation, Wheeler assured us that The Elder Scrolls Online AAA gameplay experience will be the same, regardless of your platform choice.

"We are not trying to skimp or compromise on quality across any platform," he told us.

One thing Wheeler wasn't able to confirm was how pricing for the MMO will work, particularly on consoles. While many expect the game to require a monthly fee on PC, the fact that it's heading to consoles begs to question whether it will support some free-to-play option. The notion of paying for PS Plus or Xbox LIVE Gold in addition to a monthly MMO subscription sounds a bit risky to me. Especially when Sony is already offering other free-to-play MMOs like DC Universe Online for free.

Be sure to check back later this week for our full interview with ZeniMax Online Studio's Brian Wheeler.

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