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The Elder Scrolls Online Ask Us Anything: character roles, magic use and more

The Elder Scrolls Online

In a post to The Elder Scrolls Online website, we learned some pretty important things from their bi-weekly "Ask Us Anything." What we are essentially learning is that Bethesda really wants players to have control -- over everything. Among the topics covered were combat, magic, grouping and access to the beta.

Combat and stealth

One of the questions asked was concerned with precise aiming in combat. Combat in TESO‚Äč requires you to aim at the target you want to hit. If you're worried about your skill with aiming, or there's a problem not in your control -- like less-than-stellar internet connection -- Bethesda said that the game will be fairly forgiving in regards to the amount you have to aim. But you have to aim. To attack or use an ability, you'll need to be aiming very close to the target. After all, you should be rewarded with attacks if you are just moving your mouse around aimlessly.  

As far as using a stealth-based character in PvP combat, it will be viable and can be an effective tactic. A stealthed character will be invisible to enemy players unless they detect you, which will require more than just looking in a stealthed player's direction. There are abilities that will thwart stealth characters, but if a player is careless, they could get ambushed.

Magic and playing without magic

While the schools of magic are a little different in TESO when compared to previous Elder Scrolls games, Bethesda has assured that magic users will be able to conjure things to support groups and players. Players will be able to summon weapons, armor and atronachs (essentially a golem/creature made of an element). Also, you'll be able to get spells from places other than the class skill lines and staves. 

If you don't want to use any magic whatsoever in TESO, you don't have to. To play without magic, just put all of your skill points into weapon and armor lines. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Another option is Fighters Guild abilities.

Community has control over tools, like grouping

When players sign up to find a group for a dungeon, they pick a role. Every player assesses what role/roles they can perform, be it tank, healer or damage-dealer. If you can do one, choose one. If you think you can handle any of those roles, choose all three. Players select icons that let other players looking for a group know what roles you think that you can fill. While it might not be the most accurate system of a player's skill in a certain role, it's important to Bethesda that the community control the tools they've been given, rather than having an arbitrary rules system determine everything. It doesn't go with the open-ended advancement of TESO

Beta Keys

You want access to the beta? Yea, get in line; so does everyone else. There have been tens of thousands of beta keys sent out, but over three million people have signed up for the beta. They're constantly sending out more beta invites, so just keep your fingers crossed, stay hopeful, and keep checking posts and your email. 

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