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The Elder Scrolls Anthology does not mark the end of the series according to Pete Hines

TES Anthology

Yesterday, Bethesda pleased PC gamers everywhere, announcing The Elder Scrolls Anthology. The collection includes all five installments of The Elder Scrolls series, maps of Tamriel; Iliac Bay; Morrowind; Cyrodiil; and Skyrim, and a considerable amount of downloadable content - all for $80.

However, several fans took to social media in fear that this anthology edition marks the end of The Elder Scrolls games. Pete Hines, vice president of PR at Bethesda, answered one of these concerning tweets, confirming that the team isn’t set on closing out the series anytime soon.

Pete Hines Tweet

The Elder Scrolls Online is the next Elder Scrolls game set to release. It will be available next spring for PC & Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: [The Elder Scrolls: Off the Record]

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