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The Dunwall City Trials DLC will put your Dishonored skills to the test December 11th


Alright chum, you think you’re good at Dishonored.  You’ve beaten it several times, you’ve gone the entire game without getting detected, and you’ve flown through each map not killing anyone… you think you’re hot s@#$.  It’s time to put your skills to the global test.

With the new Dunwall City Trials DLC, you will have access to Global Online Leaderboards.  Not only will your times be recorded, but so will your score.  In this new DLC, you will gain access to 10 new challenges which will test your combat, stealth, and mobility skills.  These tests will have you blinking around, doing drop kills, stopping time and massively murdering, sneaking around, and much more. 

How will you fair up there with the best of the best?  Will there be new achievements and trophies with this DLC?  You KNOW there will be new achievements and trophies with this DLC.  Get Dunwall City Trials for Dishonored on December 11th for 400 Microsoft points or $4.99 for PS3 and PC.       

You got this.

Dishonored Trials

Dishonored Thief

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