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The Division survey suggests a change in location and new survival mode


The Division survey suggests a change in location and new survival mode

With The Division's 'Year One' content wrapping up around March (a year since the game released) we are on the threshold of Year Two's content and it looks like Ubisoft is hinting at what they've got planned. 

A survey (via NeoGaf) from Ubisoft has the game developer asking about a new Survival mode and potential locations for the game to head to. While these questions could very well be pointing towards a sequel, it's also very likely that the survey is intended to model content for Year Two.

Survey Question 1:

How interested would you be in a "Last Man Standing" mode for Survival? (i.e Battle Royale, Hunger Games... Only one player can win and remain alive at the end of the game)

Survey Question 2:

How interested would you be in reading series of novels around the universe of Tom Clancy's The Division?

Survey Question 3:

Where should Tom Clancy's The Division bring you in the future?

  • New city (continuation of the story)
  • New York City (continuation of the story)
  • New city (during the current events of The Division in New York City)
  • New city (different period of time)

It's no surprise that Ubisoft is chasing down more Survival like DLC. The Survival DLC, which was part of Year One, was met with high praise and even helped the game make a significant turn around in player reviews.

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