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The Darkest Dungeon is coming to Nintendo Switch

The gritty, fearing inducing dungeon crawling is about to go portable.

Darkest Dungeon

Developer Red Hook Studios has slyly announced that their popular and well-received game, The Darkest Dungeon is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Using Twitter as their platform to announced the game, the developer posted a video showing the game playing on a Screen, but it's not until the camera begins to pan out, that we can see the game is being played on the Switch, in handheld mode.

The Darkest Dungeon has been very well received since it's been available, mainly for its unique gameplay, in which a collection of characters venture deep under an estate to rid the evil beneath it, but as players delve deeper, the fear of danger and darkness can force characters to flee, run in odd directions and cause other gameplay issues that force the player to react.

Unfortunately, no date was given for a release, but considering the game is running on the hardware, we'd expect an announcement very soon. With more and more games coming out for the Switch, like the release date for Stardew Valley, Nintendo continues to show that despite its lack of graphical fidelity, the Switch is a legitimate contender to the PS4 and Xbox One.

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