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'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer looks just as good with a Team Fortress skin

If there's two things that are really popular right now, it's making short movies with Source Filmmaker (that's how you get all those hilarious TF2 movies) and editing another movie over the audio of The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Remember a couple of years ago it was Inception getting all of the trailer remakes. Well, now Batman is in the spotlight. So what do you get when you combine Source Filmmaker and The Dark Knight Rises? A Team Fortress 2 movie that I'd pay to see. That's what.

YouTube user SylonTheGreat made 'The Roamer Rises' using Source Filmmaker and the audio from Warner Bros.' The Dark Knight Rises trailer. The animation is pretty damn spot on for the dialogue, and he chose the perfect classes to play each role in the movie. And the hats... oh the hats...

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