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The Dark Knight Rises: Bane knows Batman's big secret

Another new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has been released suggesting that Batman is going to be in a world of trouble when he encounters Bane, the villain of choice in the new film.

The Nokia exclusive trailer is a mix of both previously seen and new footage, showing more of Bane while revealing he is actually aware that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Perhaps more startling is the fact that Bane seems to have no problem kicking Batman's ass, and seemingly does so with relative ease.

The clip shows Bane grabbing hold of Batman's fist, displaying his sheer strength over him, followed by a brief moment of Bane walking through the Batcave with a broken Batman mask. Things are not boding well for the Caped Crusader in these brief spots.

Like the other trailers, this one shows more action, more chaos, but also more humor. Seemingly lost in the constant trailer releases that depict nonstop action is the fact that this Batman trilogy has had some humorous moments, if only to offset the terror caused by Bane.

The trailer also sheds some light on the rumors that Batman will be decommissioned for a brief period due to a broken back likely at the hands of Bane. The trailer constantly reminds us that Batman is "coming back".

With all this being said, I wish they would stop releasing trailer after trailer. The Dark Knight Rises doesn't release until July 20th and I already feel like I've seen half of the movie. I'm just waiting for the one trailer to release that completely ruins any sense of surprise I had going into the film.

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