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The Dark Knight returns to the Batman Collab in Puzzle & Dragons


Gotham once again has the chance to be safe in the crossover world of Puzzle & Dragons. That’s right loyal Batman fans, the collab has returned! So if you didn’t get the drops you wanted the first round or started playing after the Batman Collab was over – here is your second chance! I have all sorts of Batman fanboy friends who have been waiting for this day. I mean, I may or may not have started playing PaD due to the Evangelion Collab, so I get it.

The Batman Arkham Egg Machine is up and running. Put 5 gems in and perhaps you’ll get the Batman character of your dreams. Now that BAO Batman+S. Glove Act and BAO Batman+BW Attack have ultimates, those are somethings to hope for. Will the RNG gods be kind? Only one way to know for sure. Come on, you know you want to pull that Bat Dragon’s arm. Go for it. Just give it a little pully…


It’s not all good, this is Gotham City we’re talking about here people. This means the Arkham Origins Dungeon will be live as well. Take down all the villains in your path and take on the Joker at the end.  The Batman Collab is live now and will be going until the Sunday 8/3 at 11:59 PDT.

Best of luck out there.

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