The cure to the common flu could be crystal meth

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Look, I’m not telling you to go combat the flu with meth – that would be stupid.  Between the choices of having the flu or risking a meth addition, the clear answer is flu.  However, scientists at the National health Research Institute in Taiwan and the University of Regensburg in Germany have been doing a bit of research to see how methamphetamine can have positive effects against certain virus infections. 

When lungs with the H1N1 influenza virus were introduced to crystal meth, the lungs reduced susceptibility to the flu.  This research will lead to similar test with different viruses and even different strands of the flu.  So far H1N1 is the only one that has been tested.  These tests were also done in Petri dishes and not animals yet.  So they are still a ways off to know if this is a sure fire cure or not.

Honestly, dafuq though.  Who is the scientist that one day decided to try and combat the flu with crystal meth?  I mean, props, it’s working.  I hope you do find a cure.  But damn.  If you can find a non-addictive and safe cure using meth, I’m all for it.  Cure away.

[Gizmodo via NCBI]    

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