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The Clogged Toilet minigame is finally in Halo 5

That's one sh**ty minigame.

The Clogged Toilet minigame is finally in Halo 5

Since Halo 3 there has been one fan made minigame that has always found its way to the series thanks to the community map creation tool, Forge. Using the power of the Halo 5's Forge, user Littlemonk5 did one no one else had done, made the Clogged Toilet minigame in a realistic toilet equipped with a plunger, water valve and toilet paper.

The Clogged Toilet minigame has spartans (equipped with shotguns and unlimited ammo) trying to survive for 2 minutes in the toilet bowl, while the zombies come up from the toilet and try to infect them. According to Littlemonk5, the map took around 24 to 36 hours to forge, with the toilet bowl itself taking up 300 of the 1024 pieces it took to make the map.

Links to play:

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