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The breast slider in Xenoblade Chronicles X has been removed for US release

Cancel those pre-orders folks! Just kidding... maybe....

The breast slider in Xenoblade Chronicles X has been removed for US release

We already know that the North American version of Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature an altered Lin character model, one that covers her up more and doesn't feature "sexy" bikinis. It looks like it doesn't stop there.

Possibly in fear that us heathens, the players, would try to recreate Lin in the character creator, the breast slider has been completely removed from the game's character creator. Apparently, us Americans are either too immature or too pervy to use this feature responsibly. Nevermind the fact that now basically all female character models will feature medium sized boobs, because equality! Take that you large breasted/flat chested ladies, you no longer can create an avatar based on your physical proportions.

But in all seriousness, this feature removal seems silly at best. Countless games use various sliders to change body features from the size of breasts to the size of your butt. But I guess censorship wins again!

You can check out GameXplain's video below to see the differences between the Japanese version and the upcoming North American version.

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