The blood of the youth could keep us young

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This may sound like some horror sci-fi, but the blood of the young may just be the key to looking young.  Researchers have noticed that cognitive abilities can be linked with both blood and exercise.  Past research has shown that there is a slight link with exercise slowing the effects of cognitive decline.  But what if there was something else that could change the entire playing field?

Elderly mice have been given blood transfusions with young mice and the results have been astonishing.  The new blood in older mice have shown great changes in learning skills and memory to a level similarly to the younger mice.  Cognitive decline occurs when neural stem cells are produced to a lesser degree.  The reverse was also discovered, when older mouse blood was transferred into younger mice, the younger mice’s brains aged faster.

Besides just memory and learning skills, if scientists could find a safe way to perform this procedure in humans, there is a higher chance that disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's could be treated.  Saul Villeda of Stanford University can be credited for this research.

The curative properties of blood keeps blowing me away.  I’m very curious to see where this research leads.    

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