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The Binding of Isaac close to 450,000 sales


As we prepare for the arrival of Super Meat Boy co-developer Edmund McMillen's roguelike shooter RPG, The Binding of Isaac, to hit retailers, we got some insight about the game's success. In an interview with IndieGames, McMillen expressed his surprise at the turnout for The Binding of Isaac, which has gone on to sell close to 450,000 copies so far. Not bad for a project that was created within a couple of months, eh?

"I was thinking that at least I had enough name recognition in the industry for people to know what it is, and maybe I'll turn some people onto the roguelike formula, but I didn't expect any of this, honestly," explained McMillen. "It's pretty absurd, we're closing in to 450,000 copies, it's just ridiculous, there's no reason for this game to have done well. It's nice for everyone involved."

The indie dev also stated that he thought no one would want to pay money for The Binding of Isaac, and said he even considered putting it on the internet for free. While that would have been pretty awesome, it's a good thing he decided to charge a few bucks for it, because at 450,000 sales, it's obvious McMIllen is turning over a profit.

McMillen also expressed a bit of disappointment, saying he wishes he could have worked on The Binding of Isaac alongside the other half of Team Meat, Tommy Refenes, who was on vacation throughout the game's entire development. "I feel bad: I wanted to do this with Tommy," said McMillen. "I don't want to say that to sound bad to Florian, but this was a game I wanted to do with Tommy, and he just wasn't available when it was happening."

It's great seeing a small-scale title like The Binding of Isaac bringing in so much success for McMillen. With a retail edition currently in the works, as well as a $3 DLC expansion planned for launch in the near future, I think McMillen's unique project will continue to spark interest in gamers and increase overall sales. Congrats to both McMillen and The Binding of Isaac. It's great seeing an indie title succeed like this.

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