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The Binding of Isaac being remade for consoles


Edmund McMillen sure is a busy indie developer. He's often reported to either be working on his second Team Meat game alongside Tommy Refenes, or he's off creating magical little titles like The Binding of Isaac. If he's not doing those things, he's probably taking his greatest early hits and compiling them all into one sweet collection.

Of course, it doesn't end there. Not by a long shot. McMillen recently took to his Formspring account and answered a bunch of fan questions. According to the developer, The Binding of Isaac will be remade for consoles. The game is being completely reworked, and while we don't know exactly when it'll launch, the roguelike shmup will finally debut on the home console space. The remake is also set to land on PC and possibly even Ouya.

McMillen went on to say that this new version of Isaac would include a ton of added content such as "new modes, bosses, items, playable characters, co-op, and a million other things we couldn't do in the Flash version." And here I thought the excellent Wrath of the Lamb DLC was as good as it would get!

McMillen is constantly working on projects worth getting completely excited about. While the Isaac remake may be in its very early stages of development, it's still really cool to know that such a wonderful title is being recreated for consoles. And with new content to boot! Watch out for it!

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