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The Big Blue becomes the Little Blue after failed Kickstarter

The Big Blue

ECCO the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata is not yet ready to give up on his goal of his new underwater adventure game the Big BlueDespite the project's flop on Kickstarter, where it only managed to raise $55,000 of its $665,000 goal, Annunziata still remains optimistic.

"One of the problems we have is it is hard to get people to see how compelling a game like the Big Blue will be. If it is not clear in your mind’s eye you will less likely back it," Annunziata wrote. "This is totally understandable.

"On the other hand I am absolutely certain that if you could try the game and see how beautiful and unique it will be, most people would not hesitate to back it, and will want to be involved in it’s creation. Time travel is not possible (yet) so I can’t go into the future, bring the game back and let you take it for a spin. But if i could... The Big Blue will get the support it needs, I am sure."

So in order to get people to see this unique and groundbreaking game, Annunziata will attempt to create a smaller version -- the Little Blue -- which will be just a slice of the whole game. The new Kickstarter will attempt to provide more clarity of gameplay through a better prototype, written descriptions, and examples. Overall, it will be a "less ambitious scope," but still remain a fully playable game.

"When the Little Blue gets funded, we will build it, and then everyone can try it out and see what the potential is," Annunziata promised. "We will tune the Little Blue to make it as fun as possible and make everyone who plays it want more.

"Then we will use the Little Blue and it’s success to leverage the rest of the budget to build the Big Blue at full scope."

The big question that remains is whether or not this type of game still has an audience. The Big Blue had only 867 backers, despite relatively solid press coverage.

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