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The Big Bang Theory: Did Sheldon choose the Xbox One or PS4?


Last night, The Big Bang Theory tackled one of the this year's hottest questions: Xbox One or PS4? The episode, titled "The Indecision Amalgamation," saw Sheldon Cooper -- the king of nerds -- struggling over the decision to buy an Xbox One or PS4.

A simple solution would be to just buy both, but nothing is ever simple with Sheldon. The lack of shelf space in his entertainment unit just wouldn't allow for both systems, so he was forced to choose. And what was the outcome? Which system, Xbox One or PS4, was victorious? 

The writers took the easy way out, not having Sheldon actually buy either one. Though his initial intent heading into the store was to buy an Xbox One, he, of course, flip-flopped when seeing the PS4 and recounting how most of his decisions in the past -- like buying a Zune instead of an iPod and supporting HD DVD instead of Blu-Ray -- were the wrong choice. Eventually, Sheldon's indecisiveness gets the best of him; the store closes and a sobbing Sheldon ends up leaving with neither in hand, forced to wait at least another day.

Despite not actually choosing a side, the episode was a great look at the typical debates gamers have over the two systems (except without the immature slang thrown across the internet). What's more, it led to some great sequences between Sheldon and Amy, the best of which you can watch below.

The winning console may not have been crowned on The Big Bang Theory, but a similar debate between Xbox One and PS4 happened on South Park last year. The debate played out over the course of a three-part series, eventually leading up to the release of South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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