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The Batman: Arkham Origins trailer you've all been waiting for has arrived

Following last week's teaser, Warner Bros. has released the first official trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. Well, that actually depends on what you consider "official," as today's trailer shows absolutely no gameplay footage. While we'll likely have to wait until E3 before we see any actual gameplay, today's trailer does give us a good idea of the challenges Batman will face the upcoming prequel. He sure does have a lot of enemies.

Batman's awesomely choreographed CG fight with Deathstroke is interrupted Deadshot, just one of the many assassins looking to kill Bats. You see, it's not just one guy out to get Batman, but eight of the "best assassins in the world." Three of them are present in this trailer.

Overall, it's not a bad start to the latest entry in the popular Batman: Arkham franchise. I'd have liked to see some gameplay, but I'm sure that will be at E3. What we do know is that new developer Warner Bros. Montreal, who took over for Rocksteady, is still using some of the game's previous assets, including the modified Unreal engine. So we should expect an original story with a similar artistic approach. 

Batman: Arkham Origins is currently development for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, and slated for release on October 25, 2013.

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