The Basement Collection, Cave Story+, and Offspring Fling! join the Humble Indie Bundle 7

Cave Story Screenshot - Cave Story

I always feel like the Humble Bundles don’t need to add anymore to them to make them more awesome but then again I’d always be wrong.  BRING IT ON INDIE DEVELPERS!  Trust me, I’m not complaining.  The Humble Indie Bundle 7 has now been blessed with three new titles to all of its raw, unfiltered awesomeness.  The Basement Collection, Cave Story+, and Offspring Fling! have all joined the cause. 

As of right now, the entire bundle can be bought for only $6.44 to absolutely unlock everything.  It really doesn’t get any better.  Of course, I say this, and then they’ll just keep adding more and more games to it, to make me wrong once more.  I welcome this ignorance on my part.

Bring it on!


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