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The Banner Saga bringing viking glory to tablets this summer


The viking-themed tactical RPG from Stoic, The Banner Saga, will soon be coming to tablet devices later this summer. There's no official date, but it will be available on iOS, Android and Windows tablets, which is awesome because I'd love to play it on my Surface 2. Please, please, please be in the Windows app store. 

The Banner Saga was reviewed back in January when it launched on PC, and our editor Matt Liebl gave the game a 7.0 / 10, praising the game for the bleak story and challenging decisions that have to be made. Oh, and the art style is gorgeous.

The tablet version will be the same full game as the Mac and Windows PC version, but with controls that have been optimized for touch and swipe. We'll update you when there's an official release date for tablets. 

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