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If there's one thing The Banner Saga should be known for it's the game's magnificent art, so it's especially fitting that developer Stoic Studio has announced an art contest for fans based on "their experience int he game, using runic inspired designs."

"The Banner Saga has been applauded by reviewers and fans alike for the art style, something we are incredibly proud of. We’ve seen such great fan art for the game that it made sense to ask our fans to assist us in designing a real life banner," explained Stoic's Art Director Arnie Jorgensen. According to Jorgensen, Stoic is looking for designs "based on the traditional Viking runic art style as seen on the Godstones in the game."

The "Creating the Banner" contest is now officially open for entrants. Stoic has plans to use some of the best designs submitted to create a twelve foot banner depicting fan experiences with the game, creating a "community saga." Winners will not only get their designs included int he life-sized banner, but will also be sent a mini replica of the final banner.

You can find all of the rules and guidelines on Stoic's website.

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