The Angriest Gamer you've ever heard coming to Steam later this month

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Screenshot - AVGN Adventures

One of my favorite online shows, turned into a movie (eventually), turned into a video game is finally coming to Steam later this month.

The Angry Nerd is certainly an internet sensation, reviewing old (sh*tty) classic games and spewing his hate for them. The AVGN Adventures is a 2D platformer, mixing in elements from various games he reviewed, which, if you haven't guessed already, will make the game tough to beat.

ScrewAttack's Craig has stated the game will be one of the most rewarding experiences in 2013, and as a gamer.

AVGN Adventures is a game that's "old school hard" where check points are earned - not because the game beats you, but because you beat yourself.

And here is all the important info you need to know:

  • Releases on Steam Monday, September 23rd
  • It's one of the best received indie games at PAX Prime 2013
  • It's the most rewarding game of 2013
  • Features 4 playable characters
  • 10 retro themed levels based on AVGN episodes
  • Tons of nods to the classics… and not-so classics
  • Pre-Order it on Humble Bundle here (preferred) -
  • Pre-Order it on Steam here -

Go wash out that diarrhea dump from your ear, and put away the skunk's rotten a**hole, and get ready for some old-school, tough, platforming action as the Angry Nerd himself.

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