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The Amazing-Spider Man gets freaky with alternative costume


The Amazing Spider-Man video game will have multiple unlockable costumes, and a sneak peek at one of the outfits looks like he came in contact with the black goo from Prometheus.

HeroHQ got hold of the new Spider-Morphosis skin that will be available in the new game currently in development by Beenox. It's from the comic The Amazing Spider-Man issue #437.

In addition to the freakish costume, players will also have the option to play in the regular Spider-Man costume, but without his nerdy utility belt, which is specific to the movie game. You will have the option to remove the belt after you reach Peter's apartment. You can bet I'll be doing that immediately; my Spider-Man doesn't need some theme park fanny pack.

The Amazing Spider-Man without belt

Beenox said more costumes will be revealed in the near future. The Amazing Spider-Man is a tie-in with the upcoming movie.

It will take place after the movie's events. Taking will be able to free-roam throughout Manhattan to compete side missions, challenges, and mini-games. It will also feature an all-new Web Rush mechanic that gives players "real-time navigational and combat choicdes" that can be triggered on the fly.

[HeroHQ via Siliconera]

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