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The Aether Mod Updated for Minecraft 1.0.0


Great news for all you Minecraft fans.  Over the holiday weekend, The Aether Mod was updated to 1.0.0 and should now be compatible with the full release of Mineraft.

The announcement came via the Minecraft forum, in which the developers released the full patch notes of The Aether Mod, as well as a brief summary of what took so long for the mod to be playable on Minecraft 1.0.

The Aether mod had recently been in a code freeze after 1.7.3 due to all of the pre-releases and updates that were pushed out by Notch and Jeb before the launch of Minecraft.  But now that the game is officially out, the developers have been hard at work updating the mod to run properly with Minecraft 1.0.

"Yes, the Aether collaboration mod has finally returned, and just in time for some great holiday spirit. The Aether Collaboration mod adds a whole new dimension called the "Aether" with various dungeons to explore, bosses to defeat, and rewards to reap!"

As for the changes with The Aether mod, the patch notes can be seen below.  Of course, if you prefer to see the mod in action, a YouTube video has been provided by RoosterInASuit.  The video details and highlights all of the changes and features with the new Aether Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0.

Patch notes:

  • Ambrosium no longer heals nor replenishes hunger.
  • The Enchanter has been renamed to the Altar. In the future, it will get a complete redesign which will hopefully differentiate it from other work stations.
  • Flying Pigs now only drop Raw Pork, and no longer drop Feathers.
  • New Blue Berry bushes have been added to the mod. They will commonly generate around the Aether, and when destroyed will reward you with a random amount of Blue Berries. Blue Berries heal half a heart. In the Bush's place, a Bush Stem will stand there and over time grow back into another Blue Berry Bush. This means that you could, if desired, make a farm of Blue Berry bushes!
  • New Festive Tree! These trees can sometimes be seen in the masses, but other times very rarely. They emit snow particles around them, freezing over entire lands!
  • Present Block added! These Presents can be found underneath and around Festive Trees. Don't be fooled though: these presents may seem friendly but they (upon random chance) can either turn out bad or turn out very good for the receiver. Be careful but don't be hesitant!
  • Added 3 new secret items!
  • Added 1 new music piece to the Aether soundtrack, composed by the talented Emile! Listen to it here.
  • Invisibility Capes improved significantly. While worn, mobs can no longer see you unless you swing your fist/sword, making it a very useful tool indeed!
  • Temporarily removed main menu music and the quick load feature. Sorry guys! They will be back very soon

To download The Aether Mod, click here.  But be warned, there is no guarantee that older Aether maps will still work with this latest version of the mod. The most recent update from the team has alerted users that people are experiencing crashes and bugs with the mod and that a new patch should be coming sometime today.

"The leap from 1.7.3 to 1.0 in one big swoop was huge for us, and as a result THERE WILL BE BUGS HERE AND THERE. Please just keep that in mind and inform us of any you find, and we will destroy them as quickly as we can."

You can find install instructions for The Aether Mod here, or watch the video provided below.

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