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That Halo TV series is still "alive," say Microsoft

Surely OP will deliver.

That Halo TV series is "alive," say Microsoft

Three years ago, Microsoft revealed that director Steven Spielberg would be overseeing a Halo TV series. This announcement came during a reveal event in May 2013, that was held to further reveal Microsoft's plans for the Xbox One, which had been just revealed.

Following this announcement, there was nothing. 

In 2015, Showtime president David Nevins said that the show was still in "very active development" and after that, we were once again met with silence. Nearly a year from when Nevins said the show was still alive, Xbox head Phil Spencer has confirmed the show is still alive.

It's alive! It's alive!

Except, we haven't seen any kind of teaser or trailer for it... Nor have we seen much about who will be in it... or anything like that. It could very well be "alive" in the sense that someone is actively walking around the Microsoft office pining for someone to read their script and begin casting for it.

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