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TGS 2018: Monster Hunter: World unveils new trailer alongside release date

Get ready for more Monster Hunter early next year.

Monster Hunter: World is far and away the most ambitious game in the series, and in a new trailer shown off at Tokyo Game Show 2017, it's closer than you might think. The trailer introduces players to Astera, which serves as the player's base of operations, according to a follow-up post on the PlayStation Blog. We get a look at a few story snippets and end with what every fan has been waiting to hear, a release date of January 26th, 2018.

Here's the trailer:

The blog post also highlights the five main highlights of Astera, which Hunters will be visiting on a regular basis. They are the Guild representatives, Blacksmiths, Shopkeepers, the Cantina, and the Research team. Guild reps will give you the details on every quest, including a heads up on any unique hazards while Blacksmiths can craft new and more powerful weapons and armor from materials you collect on your journey. Shopkeepers sell weapons and armor in a pinch alongside the usual assortment of healing potions, traps, and ammo.

The Cantina can provide Final Fantasy XV-like temporary stat boosts from consuming food while the Research Team wasn't given much in the way of concrete details other than they will "play a key role" in the game.

Get excited Monster Hunter fans; the wait is not long.

[PlayStation Blog

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