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TGS 2016: This trailer for World of Final Fantasy is too cute

My Final Fantasy spin-off can't possibly be this cute

World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix brought us a new trailer for the most interesting Final Fantasy game to release this year, World of Final Fantasy. While that may sound like a rib, it's true: After a decade in development, all the showings, demos, multimedia productions, and an alleged leak of the game's entire plot, Final Fantasy XV has become a familiar face.

World of Final Fantasy is a nostalgia cash grab, but it's one we haven't seen as much. It also has the most adorable interpretations of Final Fantasy characters you'll ever see, along with a silly capture and stacking mechanic…and gender-bent iIrit? Why yes, I will take a cute, mechanically sound JRPG with all of my favorite characters and monsters from the series' three decades worth of content. Thank you.

If you want something a little different in your Final Fantasy, check out  the TGS 2016 trailer for World of Final Fantasy here:

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