Terraria digs, crafts, and battles its way to PS Vita this summer

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PC indie hit Terraria just made the move to consoles this week, landing on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and, in the process, opening up an entirely new world for folks who hadn't played the game before. It looks like the crafting-heavy action-adventure title is also going the portable route soon, as publisher 505 Games has revealed that the Vita will be getting a dose of Terraria this summer.

It doesn't take an exhausting internet search to find out that plenty of fans have been clamoring for the game to land on Sony's latest portable device. Given the accessible play-at-your-leisure nature of Terraria, it certainly seems like a fine fit on the Vita.

Engine Software, the studio that worked on the console iteration of the game, is handling development of the handheld version. Expect a more detailed launch date as we get closer to summer.

So yeah, Terraria on Vita, you guys!

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