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Terraria coming to phones and tablets


Terraria is going mobile. 

Originally released in 2011 by the indie studio Re-logic, gamers have found a great sandbox adventure on PC, XBLA and PSN. Terraria is a side-scrolling, open-world, sandbox game that focuses on adventure, exploration and crafting. 

Now, people will be able to play Terraria on there phones and tablets -- I'm assuming both Android and iOS, but there isn't any clarification. The controls have been completely redesigned for touchscreens. I'm really interested in how it'll control without a keyboard and mouse, or even a gaming controller. Actually, I'd love to know if Terraria on mobile devices would support Android or iOS controllers, like the MOGA Pro.

For mobile platforms, Terraria will also support leaderboards, achievements and Facebook integration so your grandmother in Wisconsin can follow you and 'like' your wonderful adventures and creations. 

Terraria will be available this summer for phones and tablets. 

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