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TERA Coming to GDC, High Elf Race, Berserker, Priest Classes Detailed


In a post on the TERA website, developer En Masse Entertainment has revealed that it will be present at this year's Game Developer's Conference to show off the upcoming MMORPG. Expect more news regarding the game when it's demoed at the show March 2-4.

Along with that bit of news, the post also wrapped up a series describing the various races and classes in the game. Here's what En Masse has to say about the High Elf race and Berserker and Priest classes:

High Elves When you play a high elf in TERA, you become part of the world's most ambitious, ruthless society—but it's a society that prizes intelligence and drive. TERA's elves are finding their way in a world where racial diversity is a matter of survival, but elven pride is as tenacious as the elves themselves.

Elves are equally accomplished in the sorcerer's tower, the mystic's temples, and the slayer's dueling circles. Though they keep tight rein on expressing their emotions (lest others take advantage of that weakness), they have a pragmatic wisdom that's an asset in troubled times.

The high elves may have been the last nation to join the Valkyon Federation, but with their political acumen and knack for long-term planning, don't be surprised if they're running the show in a few years.

Berserker You can't solve every problem with a huge battle-axe, but the problems you can't "solve" end up fleeing in terror anyway. That's the worldview of TERA's berserker class, a whirling dervish of destruction on the battlefield.

And while berserkers fly into rages beyond rational thought, you still think tactically as a player. You'll be moving around the battlefield, evading enemy attacks and finding just the perfect spot for that Cyclone attack.

Priest Movement on the battlefield is also key for TERA's priest class. You're no healbot—you're dealing damage one moment, locking down your enemies the next, then dropping a Circle of Rejuvenation to keep all your friends alive to fight another day.

Best of all, you're pivotal on the battlefield—friends and enemies alike are orbiting around you. Healing takes skill—it's more than just pressing the "heal" button—TERA rewards that skill with a combat experience that puts you at the center, not on the sidelines.

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