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TERA: Rising's free-to-play announcement trailer released

Boasting 76 zones, 18 instances, roughly 200 quests, a political system, and guild vs. guild battles, TERA goes free to play for any and every one.  Their philosophy with this change is to “Add to what we already have to offer instead of restricting what we already have.”  There will be vanity items and convince boosts which can be bought as well as an Elite system that can be bought monthly.    

The elite system works as follows:

Available in 30-day increments for $14.99, elite status grants players extra dungeon rewards, 10 bonus quests per day, a daily delivery of items and boosts, an elite mount, in-game store discounts, waived brokerage registration taxes, and more. Elite players will find that their status pays for itself through free items and discounts, let alone in-game perks

Eve Schmitt, Executive Product Director, talks about the changes coming to TERA.  She talks about how TERA is going free to play and will be accessible to anyone and everyone.   They got rid of the subscription free so simply more players could enjoy their product.  For this MMO to service, it needs a massive player base to strive; especially the PVP and political system.  New players won’t be given limited content; they will get the whole kit and caboodle.  Those who have been loyal to the game will get benefits though.  Most important, this free to play does not mean pay to win. For me, that’s a requirement. 

TERA requires only your skill, not your wallet.”  Look for it free to play in February.


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