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TERA is the most-played MMORPG on Steam

Beating out other free-to-play MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online

Based on Steam's Maximum Concurrent User stats, Tera is the most played MMORPG on the service. This free-to-play MMO is a bit unique in the MMO category. Instead of offering tab targeting like most, it features a cross hair target system for combat allowing you to point and click to attack, aim or dodge. 

En Masse Entertainment launched Tera on Steam on May 5th, and since then over 20 million accounts have been made worldwide. Players have killed around 6 million Big-Ass Monsters (BAMs) and cleared 70,000 dungeons a day.

In fact, if you had a dollar for every bit of gold looted since it launched on Steam - you would have enough money to buy 10 Gabe Newells

“En Masse Entertainment would like to thank our loyal and enthusiastic TERA community,” said producer Patrick Sun. “Their support and feedback has helped TERA continue to kick ass. We’d also like to thank and welcome our new players to TERA’s growing Steam community. With a focus on precision, positioning, and timing, TERA continues to deliver a true action combat experience to MMO fans and is more accessible than ever following its successful Steam launch.”

If you have been wondering about Tera, the game has mostly positive reviews on Steam and has been recommended by curators like 'Fat Val Kilmer Fan Club,' 'Lolis Anonymous,' and more!

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