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TERA developer partners with Black Desert Online publisher to announce all-new MMORPG

The new game will aim to 'bring back the fundamental joys of playing an MMO'

TERA developer partners with Black Desert Online publisher to announce all-new MMORPG

A couple of MMO giants are teaming up to make a brand new MMO (naturally), and it is Black Desert Online's publisher, Kakao Games providing the backing and TERA developer Bluehole that will be doing the heavy lifting. The newly announced MMORPG is known right now only as Project W and according to the official press release, "aims to bring back the fundamental joys of playing an MMO."

The game will be headed by several veterans of the genre including Project Director Hyung-Jun Kim, a former Chief Art Director from NCSOFT (Guild Wars 2 developer). Both parties appeared very excited by the partnership and offered up their takes.

Kye-Hyun Cho, Kakao Games CEO said:

"I am thrilled to be working with Bluehole, one of the best blockbuster PC online game developers in the industry. I see this event not only as a major cornerstone in our global expansion, but as an opportunity for both parties to grow."

Bluehole CEO, Gang-Seok Kim said, "What has deeply resonated with me was the strong will of Kakao Games to take the lead in the global market by discovering and securing competent titles." He added that the company would "pour out every resource there is to make a product that surpasses anyone’s expectations for an MMORPG."
So there you have it, two highly experienced companies in the MMO space coming together to make an all-new MMORPG. As is to be expected, the game is likely a VERY long way off, especially given the fact that it doesn't even have a name yet. But we will see what the future holds for this partnership.
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