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TERA 'Argon Queen' update coming August 22

En Masse Entertainment announced today an upcoming update for their highly acclaimed action MMO TERA. The Argon Queen update, the largest update for the game to date, will be released for free on August 22.

The highlight of the update is the all-new PvP battlegrounds mode. In these ferocious competitive environments, players will battle against one another for control of three bases to determine territorial dominance.

In addition to the two teams of 15 players, TERA's BAMs (Big-Ass Monsters) and other in-game creatures will be present on the battlefield as well. This opens the match up to strategy as you must decide when to engage in conflict. Special in-game loot will be up for grabs for the top PvPers and weekly rankings will allow you to track your guild's progress compared to others.

In addition tot he new Battlegrounds mode, the update will also feature new character abilities, an all-new 20-person raid experience, new dungeons culminating in a confrontation with the Argon Queen and more.

If you haven't yet played TERA be sure to check out our review of the game when it first launched. Keep in mind, there have been improvements and additions since launch.

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