Temple Run 2 is a real sequel hitting the App Store tonight

Temple Runner 2 Screenshot - Temple Run

Imangi Studios is releasing a full-blown sequel to its hit mobile game Temple Run.

The game should appear in the App Store tonight, according to Touch Arcade. It's similar in gameplay to its predecessor, but Temple Run 2 features much better graphics and a new setting — a temple in the sky. The path you take is also more relaxed and natural rather than the straightaways and sharp angles of the previous title.

You can choose from seven different playable characters, according to the listing in the New Zealand App Store, and each has upgradable abilities.

The original Temple Run reached over 100 million downloads across iOS and Android. Developer Imangi Studios has also released a variation called Temple Run: Brave, based on the popular Disney/Pixar movie, Harbor Master, and other games.

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