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Telltale's Jurassic Park Game Is Delayed


Jurassic Park was looking to be Telltale's most ambitious adventure game yet. So it's disappointing (but not terribly surprising) that the game is getting a delay. For the only studio that's been successful with episodic gaming, this one slip-up seems forgivable, but Telltale isn't willing to leave it at that.

A letter sent out to those with preorders explained the situation and even went a step further. In the next few days, Telltale will be sending refunds to all those who preordered the game. They'll also toss in an offer for a free game, with details forthcoming.

CEO Dan Conners called the delay “a hard choice for us, but it is the right decision.” Considering the franchise they're working with, it's even more important that fans get a polished final product. Telltale seems intent to deliver.

Their doing right by their fanbase is even better. This is a good call on their part, reflecting well on a company that's kind of awesome already. Here's hoping the game is just as awesome when it arrives this fall.

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