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Telltale Offering Insane 75 Percent Off Sale


Telltale Games is celebrating seven years of service to the gaming community with a deliciously insane sale. Practically every single product on the Telltale website will be discounted from now until the end of the month. And don't let the June 6-30 advert on the site fool you--the sale is already in effect, so shop away.

So just how generous are the Telltale people being? 25 percent would be pretty awesome, but they're far more generous than that. 50 percent off would be incredibly sweet, but that's not this company's style, either. Telltale's seventh anniversary sale is a whopping 75 percent off nearly everything on the site with the exception of Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent 2.

Fans of adventure games are sure to be well-acquainted with Telltale Games. Now's your chance to pick up any games that may be missing from your library. If you already own all the games you want from the developer, show your support and fandom by picking up some other type of swag in the form of shirts, baseball caps, and more.

Be sure to celebrate Telltale's seventh anniversary. 75 percent off is a steal, so take advantage from now until the end of the month. Hit up the Telltale Games website, grab some discounted merch, and save a lot of hard-earned cash for all of your other gamer needs.

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