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Telltale Giving Away Back to the Future Episode 1


The generous folks at Telltale Games have decided to celebrate April Fools' Day by being extremely kind to fans of fun games. The adventure game developer is offering the PC and Mac versions of Back to the Future Episode 1 for free. In case you're still skeptical about the whole thing, rest assured that Telltale has confirmed (on both the company's Twitter account and blog) that this is not an April Fools' prank.

If you consider yourself a fan of Back to the Future and have yet to play Episode 1, now is your chance. Not only does the game deliver a nice kick of nostalgia, but it's really good, too. Just check out our review of the game if you're still on the fence about the episodic video game series.

This is definitely a nice little promotion from Telltale, and it's sure to create even more fans of the game. Hmm ... Is it possible that the famed developer is trying to entice gamers to buy the entire five-episode series for $24.99? If so, then it's certainly a brilliant strategy by Telltale. After all, once the first episode hooks you, you're bound to want to continue the adventure.

If you've already purchased Back to the Future Episode 1, there's really nothing you can do to get your money back. But you can tell your friends about the deal! You don't want to be that rotten gamer who keeps info about a free game to himself just because you missed the opportunity, do you?

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