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Telltale teases a third character for The Walking Dead


Okay, Telltale, what's the deal? For the third time this week, the developer/publisher has posted a video teasing something related to The Walking Dead game series. And like the previous two clips, this one also teases what appears to be another new missing character -- Russell.

The six second Vine clip, titled "Day 184," is similar to the previous two videos, in that a mysterious hand posts a picture of the character on a missing persons board; however, at the end of this one we see a brief flash of something orange/red that looks like the number four. See if you can make out what it is from the clip below.

Telltale seems to be a bit confused with its numbering system as the first video was titled "Day 2," the second "Day 220," and this one "Day 184." What does it all mean? Is this teasing the second season of The Walking Dead or is it just the additional content they teased a few months back? Something tells me this is teasing the cast of the next season, but we'll have to wait and see.

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