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Telltale's The Walking Dead Season Two coming 'pretty soon'


With The Wolf Among Us now available for pre-order on PC and Mac, it's safe to assume that Telltale's new series will be released fairly soon. I mean, Steam did confirm an October release for the highly anticipated series.

Of course, a lot of Telltale fans -- as excited as they are for The Wolf Among Us -- are still wondering about Season Two of The Walking Dead. It's been quite a few months since the release of 400 Days -- DLC that supposedly bridges the gap between Season One and Two -- so many of us, including IGN's Greg Miller are wondering where the heck it is.

"It's coming pretty soon," Telltale's Dennis Lenart teased on IGN's Up At Noon. "We're hard working on development right now.

"With Telltale, we won't release until it's right so there's always this constant iteration," he explained. "I mean, even during season one there was talk of season two and where we wanted to take it from there. So it's a thing we've all be super excited about and thinking about for a long time now. It's actually fun to finally see that being made."

Nick Herman, who is currently serving as director for The Wolf Among Us added, "I'm pretty sure we're on track for having it come out sort of in the same zone as The Wolf Among Us. We'll have two titles sort of cycling, like the Telltale channel."

The Wolf Among Us will stick to a similar release schedule as we've seen with Telltale's games in the past. That is about a new episode release every month to two months. The first episode of The Wolf Among Us is expected to release this month, though Telltale has yet to confirm any actual release dates. With a "coming soon" attached to The Walking Dead, along with the possibility of it releasing in the "same zone," I think it's safe to assume a November release for Season Two.

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