Telltale reveals The Walking Dead's release date, platforms

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The Walking Dead's TV success has lead to several forms of entertainment: action figures, YouTube shorts, and now video games. As most know, Telltale revealed The Walking Dead game last year, despite listing any details. Today, though, the developer has announced an official release date, along with the platforms gamers will be playing on. 

According to Telltale, the five-episode adventure game is coming to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, Mac and iOS. The first episode is set to arrive in April with the next four to follow "regularly." The developer plans to show off the game throughout next few weeks, starting on Monday March 19 via IGN. 

We've already experienced one impressive zombie-oriented Xbox Live title this year in Alan Wake's American Nightmare, so we're anticipating an even better game with The Walking Dead. Telltale's plan for five-episodes is an interesting marketing scheme, which could prove to be successful if the arcade title succeeds in sales and critical response. Are you as eager as we are to enter into the zombie apocalypse? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [IGN

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