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Telltale not rebooting King's Quest, license goes back to Activision

King's Quest PC adventure game

It's not every day we have some news about King's Quest, a game that released in 1984. Must be a slow news day. the old PC Adventure game was developed and published by Sierra Entertainment back in the day, but Telltale purchased the rights to King's Quest in 2011. Now, Telltale's vice president of publishing Steve Allinson has confirmed that the rights to the game have returned to Activision. 

Allinson said, "While we deeply love King's Quest here at Telltale, we can confirm that we are no longer working on the franchise. There was a time last year that we investigated partnering with third-party developers to produce the game as a partnership but decided against outsourcing." 

Hot off the success of The Walking Dead on virtually every platform available, Telltale is currently making a second season for the game, set to release this Fall. They're also making a new episodic series called The Wolf Among Us, based on DC Comics' Fables series. 

What will Activision do with the King's Quest IP, though? We know that Leisure Suit Larry creator Paul Trowe said he spoke to Activision about it and "they were like, 'No, we're pulling it [from Telltale] because we're going to do it ourselves.'" Who knows what the outcome will be for King's Quest. I think as long as Activision doesn't make it a first-person shooter or put a zombie mode in it, we'll be golden. 


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