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Telltale is porting Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman over to Nintendo Switch

There could be more in the future.

Telltale is well known for being a developer that gets its products on as many platforms as humanly possible whether its modern consoles, PC, mobile, or even last-gen consoles. Now, according to a Nintendo of America tweet, the company will be porting the first seasons of Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman over to Nintendo Switch. 

Here's the tweet:

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 released on Nintendo Switch earlier this week, and there had been rumblings that more of Telltale's games would eventually make their way over. Neither Telltale nor Nintendo has confirmed Season 2 of either Batman or Minecraft: Story Mode coming to the Switch, but you'd have to think that they aren't far behind.

In other Telltale news, The Wolf Among Us is finally getting a second season that will release in 2018, almost five years after the release of the first season. On top of that, The Walking Dead will wrap up with a Clementine-focused Final Season in 2018 as well.

Batman: Season 2 also got off to a tremendous start with The Enemy Within, and might just be one of the best takes on Batman there is. For more info, check out the official GameZone Review.


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