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TellTale Games releases new The Walking Dead: Season Two screenshots

The Walking Dead Season 2 Clementine

Tuesday, TellTale Games released the first reveal trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two. In it, they confirmed that players will play as Clementine, who’s now out in the world to fend for herself.

TellTale also dropped several screenshots from Season Two Tuesday. They can be seen below; they include the captions tweeted by TellTale. 

Clementine - Season Two

Clementine 2 - Season Two

Walker - Season Two

Clementine campfire - Season Two

Clementine truth - Season Two

The last screenshot is most interesting, as TellTale has teased this idea that Clementine has evolved since departing from Lee at the end of Season One. It seems that she's not the same innocent girl she once was.

Won't these choices be harder than ever?

Source: [TellTale Games - Twitter]

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