Television better with Skype?

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Are you in the market for a Kinect looking, TV mounted camera, that is preloaded with Skype?  Yes?  Well Logitech’s TV Cam HD is just what you’re looking for then. 

This bad boy hooks into your television HDMI cable and gets internet from either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.  Use this cam and Skype to connect to anyone with any other device hooked up to Skype.  There is always something alluring about using your television as a monitor.  Why not use your TV to make video phone calls?

The Logitech’s TV Cam HD comes with a zoom, works well with low light conditions, and will be sold for $200.  For incoming Skype phone calls will ring if your television is on or off.  So if you want to have a dance party with your energetic grandfather, this device is PERFECT for you.  Watch the video below for Skype action.

[Gizmodo via Logitech]

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