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Tekken Producer: "Tekken Movie is a POS."


Was anyone really expecting much from the Tekken movie, due out sometime in 2011? I know I wasn't. After all, Dead or Alive was one of the worst films that I've ever personally seen, pretty much contributing all of its enjoyment factor into witnessing firsthand how bad it would get.

According to the Tekken-staff, Hollywood's take on the Tekken franchise isn't much better either. Spending over $35 million dollars to produce the movie, Tekken franchise producer Katsuhiro Harada expressed his disassociation with the film in an English post on his twitter account. "That Hollywood movie is terrible. We were not able to supervise that movie. (It was cruel contract.) I'm not interested in that [movie]."

"Please don't ask me about that movie. We did not have the supervision right. I don't want talk about that."

For those who want to witness the travesty firsthand, the film will be screening in America in 2011, with other countries being this year. Although given the past success of adapting fighting games onto the big-screen, I just have to ask...who cares?

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