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Tekken creator open to making a fighting game with different franchise characters

Could this be the All-Star fighting game fans have always dreamed for?

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Tekken 7 is widely considered to be one of the best fighting games of the year, if not the past couple of years, it's also a game that has managed to bring together well-known characters from other fighting game franchises. The convergence of different franchise characters into fighting games is nothing new, as we've seen with Marvel vs Capcom, Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur and a few others. However, the merging of storylines from two different franchises that many would consider rivals, has not been seen often, if at all.

With Tekken 7, we saw Street Fighter's Akuma's story blend with that of Heihachi in a very well thought out way. We also have SNK, another fighting game franchise, joining the mix of Tekken 7, with Geese Howard of Fatal Fury and King of Fighter' fame, coming soon.

Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of Tekken 7, recently spoke with PCGamesn, about how he'd love to make a new fighting game, a sort of all-star event, with characters from his favorite fighting franchises.

There is another guest character that will appear in Tekken with the season pass who hasn’t been announced yet so we are hard at work on that one. If it’s just a wish list, not necessarily for Tekken 7, I’ve always been interested in taking my favorite characters extending from many different company franchises and putting them into a King of Fighters style.

While the idea of all of these characters and franchises coming together sounds amazing, so many of these games have such different fighting mechanics. Logistically, it would probably be a nightmare to get fighters from games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter and say Guilty Gear to all work seamlessly together. However, Akuma, who appeared in Tekken 7, played almost identically to his Street Fighter counterpart, despite being in a 3D environment. So, anything is possible.

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