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Tecmo Koei Working on NGP Games, Hoping to Make Wii 2 Titles


Tecmo Koei is no stranger to making launch titles for systems. Tecmo Koei also has experience in releasing less than stellar launch games. Just look at Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. Though that game wasn't exactly bad, it certainly wasn't the breakout launch title the 3DS needed. In any case, Tecmo Koei is a company that seeks to take advantage of console and handheld launches, and now their sights are set on the future.

After an earnings report revealed that Tecmo Koei software sales had plummeted by 7 percent while profits increased by a whopping 415.5 percent, the company discussed their highest grossing titles. Dynasty Warriors 7 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sold 660,000 million units all over the world. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Samurai Warriors: Chronicles for 3DS turned out about 260,000 total units. Not bad figures by any means, but Tecmo Koei is now looking to make moves on Sony's upcoming handheld and Nintendo's successor to the Wii.

According to Tecmo Koei CEO Yoichi Erikawa, the company has several games currently in development for Sony's NGP handheld. Though he wouldn't reveal any names, it's interesting to think about what Tecmo Koei may have in store for the upcoming handheld. Let's hope it's more than the lackluster releases the company is notorious for.

Erikawa also noted that he would like Tecmo Koei to turn out some launch titles for Nintendo's upcoming "Project Cafe." Given the company's stance on launch software, it's very likely that we'll see some "Wii 2" launch titles announced in the future. I really hope Tecmo Koei announces a sequel to Prey the Stars, which was incredibly simple but still a lot of fun--an overlooked gem if there ever was one. Make it happen, Tecmo Koei!

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